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The Benefits Of Having A Back Up Battery For Your Garage Door Opener

Imagine It is a stormy rainy evening the lightning strike and everything blacks out. You were planning to go pick up dinner but guess what your car is in the garage and there is no power so you can’t open the garage door. If you would have only spent a little bit extra when getting […]

Top 3 Must Have Garage Gadgets

Now that the Christmas season is over and you’re returning all the gifts that didn’t fit or you didn’t want in the first place, you can exchange them for some goodies that would actually be useful in your garage.  You can’t blame your loved ones for not realizing that garage gadgets might be the key […]

5 Steps to Inspect Your Garage Door for the New Year

A faulty automatic garage door can be a serious danger.  They’re much heavier than they look and if they’re not performing properly they can fall on and trap cars and humans alike.  Giving your garage door a yearly inspection will reduce the risk of accidents and injury.  Here are some of the things you should […]

How a Garage Door Seal Can Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

The energy efficiency of a home is based on the home’s structure and heating, cooling and hot water systems. However, in winter, there seem to be a lot of spaces left unattended to in relations to your home’s energy efficiency. This gives room for cold to enter into your home, thereby increasing the amount you […]

How to Decorate Your Garage Door For The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us once again.  You may have already noticed your neighbours decorating their houses and if that’s the case, you better get on it – you don’t want to be known as the neighbourhood grinch!  Your garage door makes the perfect canvas for a large expression of holiday cheer.  Here’s some […]

How to Troubleshoot Steel Garage Door Problems

Steel garage doors incorporate the traditional panel garage door with the strength and sturdiness of steel.  The result is a garage door that can stand up to harsh weather and insulate your garage and house while providing a low maintenance entryway for your vehicles.  However, constant or infrequent use will eventually cause a garage door […]

4 Tips to Winterize Your Garage

Before the weather reaches the extremes of cold it’s a good time to prepare your garage for the winter.  By leaving it too late you risk having to work in sub-zero temperatures or putting it off completely.  The result can be a catastrophe in the dead of winter and you’ll end up wishing you took […]

Turn Your Garage Into A Haunted House for Halloween

Halloween is typically thought of as a children’s holiday, but there are ways for adults to get involved as well. One way to exercise your Halloween creativity is to convert your garage into a haunted house. A little bit of planning and preparation can make your garage the ghouliest on the block. Clean The Area […]

6 Tips for Securing Your Garage

A garage is typically one of the less secure portions of anyone’s property and hence becomes a frequent target for thieves.  Keeping your garage secure will not only lower the risk of property damage or theft, but it will also lower your risk of personal harm.  This article will cover some of the top tips […]

Today’s Top Garage Door Trends

Garage doors have come along way!  It’s no longer your grandfather’s garage door.  Here’s a list of today’s top garage door trends.   Smart Technology   As the 21rst century popularizes the “Internet Of Things” so too have garages given way to smart technology.  Security features such as smartphone controlled opening/closing systems, keyless smart locks […]