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Fall Garage Cleaning Tips

Changing of the seasons also means the changing uses of your garage.  Maintenance and sporting equipment that’s been used during the spring and summer will typically not be used again until the following year. While putting your warm weather gear in storage and exchanging it for the equipment you’ll need over the winter, a good […]

Top Questions About Replacing Your Garage Door

Many homeowners have questions when it comes time to replace a garage door. After all, it’s not a purchase you make frequently. Here are some of the top questions we’ve compiled to help you buy a garage door. Do I Need a New Door? If your wooden door is rotten, your metal door banged to […]

New 2017 Garage Gadgets

The garage. It’s an often-overlooked area in our homes. Some families use a garage as a workshop area while others use it only to park their cars and store winter clothes. No matter what you use your garage for, there are some awesome gadgets that you need to make being in your garage easier and […]

Today’s Top Garage Door Trends

Garage doors have come along way!  It’s no longer your grandfather’s garage door.  Here’s a list of today’s top garage door trends.   Smart Technology   As the 21rst century popularizes the “Internet Of Things” so too have garages given way to smart technology.  Security features such as smartphone controlled opening/closing systems, keyless smart locks […]

Creating A Multi-Purpose Garage Space

Although the primary use of any household garage is for vehicle storage, you can put your garage to use for many other purposes.  If you have more garage space than you need for your vehicle alone, consider transforming parts of it for other uses.  Here’s a list of how you can use your garage space […]

The Best Lighting For A Garage

  Your garage use and how often you use it will play important roles in deciding what type of lighting it needs.  Is it just a place to park your car?  Will you be using your garage for woodwork or other construction?  How important will being able to discern various colors (as in painting) factor […]

The Pros And Cons of A Walk Through (Pedestrian) Garage Door

The pedestrian door is one of the most recent innovations in home garage door installation.  A pedestrian (or walk through) garage door is basically a normal sized door embedded into the full garage door.  This allows you to directly enter and exit your garage without raising the whole garage door or going through the house. […]

8 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Garage Door

Don’t throw away that old garage door! It’s large, it’s weather resistant, it’s made of multiple panels… and it has a lot of potential! With a little work and a little ingenuity, you can give your old garage door a new purpose! Here are just a few of the things you could do…. Display it […]

The History of Garage Doors

I bet you’ve never looked at your garage door and wondered where the idea for it came from. How could you possibly wonder that about such a mundane object? As with any invention, there was a need behind having a garage door. Of course, this makes sense. You wouldn’t want someone to wander into the […]

The Best Garage Maintenance Tips

You probably haven’t given any thought to maintenance for your garage door but regular maintenance can help you see problems, and prevent serious issues before they occur. Here are some tips for routine maintenance to keep your garage door in proper working order. Batteries Check the batteries in your remote door opener. If your door […]