Garage Door Tips That Add Curb Appeal  

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garage door tips

One of the most noticeable parts of the front of your home is your garage door and it can make or break the overall look of your residence. If your home exterior is due for a makeover, you can greatly increase your curb appeal by making some simple changes or minor renovations to just your garage door. Not only does the exterior of your home make the first impression on guests, but if you happen to be considering selling your home, it is absolutely essential to create a ‘wow’ factor for potential buyers. By sprucing up your garage door, you will not only enhance the look of your home but maximize your property’s value.

Here is a list of garage door tips and makeovers ranging from low-cost DIY options to renovations that require professional installation.


The quickest and most economical solution for an instant facelift is to repaint or change the color of your garage door. If you are fortunate enough to have a lush, green front lawn, consider using vibrant tones such as yellow instead of neutral hues to make your door and landscaping visually pop.


Plain wooden doors are common and that’s ok but a little detailing can go a long way and really boost your curb appeal. Lines, shapes or art stencils can be painted or even welded to create a more modern and finished look. The detailing does not need to be overwhelming, a small design or a few asymmetrical shapes can do the trick.

Faux Windows

If you always wished you could have a traditional carriage style door but do not want to shell out the money for a replacement, go for faux windows. A set can be purchased online, or you can choose the DIY route and paint using black rustoleum spray paint on taped off sections to create window panels and frame lines. To finish the carriage style look, hinges can be purchased for around $50 and screwed into your garage door.


Solid wood doors can feel outdated and boring. By upgrading to a glass, multi pane door, your garage and the entire exterior of your home suddenly has a fresh, contemporary look. In addition to having a sleek, polished image, glass garage doors are an excellent way of adding more natural light to your home.


Another option for replacing a wood door and one that will last longer and not be prone to moisture damage is steel. Sold in a wide range of colors that can match or compliment your home, steel has a modern look that beautifully flatters clean lines of contemporary homes. Not only does this improve your curb appeal, but steel is a choice material due to its durability and low maintenance.

By refreshing your garage door, you can really add some character to your home and boost its overall appearance. Garage doors are a great place to start for an economical exterior makeover and with so many options available, there is a finish, garage door tips and new look for every budget.


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