4 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Should Never be Left Open Overnight  

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garage at night

Your garage door is probably the largest opening you have available in your house.  For this reason it’s not a good idea to keep your garage door open for any extended period of time or while its unattended.  Many people ignore this simple idea and have suffered the consequences because of it This article will over four reasons why your garage door shouldn’t be left open overnight.


Leaving your garage door open for extended periods of time or overnight can allow wildlife to set up their home in your garage.  These animals could range from birds to stray cats and dogs or more dangerous wildlife such as snakes or racoons. And although you wouldn’t consider them animals, no one wants a wasp’s nest to be built in your garage.  Keeping you garage door closed when its not in use will prevent unwanted animals from calling your garage home.


Open garage doors not only display the entire contents of your garage to the world, they also attract thieves.  Most burglaries are a crime of impulse and a wide open garage door acts as an invitation to nefarious passersby.  Keep your garage door closed when not in use to avoid advertising your belongings to the neighbourhood and dissuade opportunistic onlookers.

Home Invasion

Because many garages are attached to the house, an open garage door gives a thief immediate access to your living space.  If the door connecting your garage and house isn’t locked, it’s an easy way for an intruder to walk right into your home uncontested.  Leaving your garage door open is similar to leaving your front door open. Prevent the possibility of your garage leading to access to your home by keeping its door closed.


An open garage door exposes the interior to the elements which can result in damage, an inconvenient mess and higher energy bills.  Wind and rain can wreak havoc on the contents inside your garage while cold weather can suck all the heat out of your garage and the attached house.  Keeping your garage door closed will ensure your possessions are safe from the weather and you won’t end up with excessive energy bills.