4 Space Ideas for your Second Garage  

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second garage

Very few families are lucky enough to have two garages at their disposal.  But for those that do, trying to figure out what to do with all that extra space sometimes becomes a problem in itself.  Rather than let your extra garage become neglected and stacked with clutter, consider assigning it a specific purpose to maximize its usefulness.

Rehearsal Studio

Garage bands ended up with that label for a reason.  By relegating your drum kit or 100 watt guitar amplifier to the garage, you can preserve the sanity of the rest of the family when you want to let loose.  A little bit of soundproofing can also save your neighbours from hearing you and your friends incessantly repeat the same 4 bars of music while you try and perfect your sound.  

Guest House

If your extra garage is fully insulated and heated, why not consider doing it up as a guest room, a separate bedroom or as a income generator.  It could be a perfect space for visiting relatives, the teenager in your life or as the latest hot listing on a short term rental website such as Airbnb.  The garage’s separate entrance will give a much greater sense of privacy for both you and the people using it.

Recreation Room

A recreation room can encompass quite a few different activities.  With the space afforded by a second garage you can easily set the area up for multiple uses.  Installing a big screen TV can make it a perfect space to watch sporting events and movies or allow people to play video games without interrupting others.  Equipment such as a pool table, ping pong table or pinball machine will likely be a better fit and easier to install than trying to drag such things into your basement.

Art Studio

Using a second garage for painting, sculpture or other messy creative outlets allows one to tackle the task at hand without having to worry about causing the permanent damage that might take place in other parts of the house.  Because you’re enclosed in a separate environment, you don’t have to worry about dust, odours or noise affecting the rest of the house.