4 Tips to Winterize Your Garage  

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winterize garage

Before the weather reaches the extremes of cold it’s a good time to prepare your garage for the winter.  By leaving it too late you risk having to work in sub-zero temperatures or putting it off completely.  The result can be a catastrophe in the dead of winter and you’ll end up wishing you took care of business when the weather was still manageable.  In this article we’ll go over some tips for winterizing your garage.


Insulating your garage will not only keep the cold out, it will prevent any water pipes that run the perimeter of your garage from bursting during extremely cold weather.  An insulated garage door is a good start, but that may mean replacing your door completely.  If time or finances prevent such measures, consider lining the garage walls with well fitted, tightly packed insulation.  You may want to consider professional help for optimal results.


The winter season will mean a whole new set of tools will come into use.  Organize your space to allow for winter essentials such as snow shovels, snow blower and winter sporting equipment.  At the same time you might as well store gardening tools, sprinklers and summer sports gear.


The fall is a good time to inspect your garage door for defects, cracks or other problems.  Check the weather stripping to make sure it hasn’t worn out or cracked as it’ll help prevent cold air, debris and heat seeking critters from entering your garage.  Check and lubricate the garage door hinges, rollers and cables while making sure there’s no problems with the garage door opener.  A garage door that’s stuck open in the middle of winter can cause a wide range of problems that can affect your entire house.


Giving your garage floor a good sweep and sopping up any oil stains while the weather is still decent will prevent the need of doing it in the dead of winter.  During the snowy season your car will bring more dirt and moisture into the garage, so beginning the cooler months with a relatively clean area will ensure you can make it until spring without the need for a deep cleaning.


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