7 Tips to Prevent a Garage Fire  

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garage fire

Because of what they contain, garages may be more prone to fires than other structures in your yard.  Quite often a garage becomes a storehouse for all types of fuels, paints and other volatile substances.  The use of power tools and the byproducts of woodworking and other activities can lead to unintended fires.  Vehicles are also known to be a fire hazard. That said, you can prevent garage fires by following a few simple tips.

Store Combustibles Elsewhere

As mentioned, quite often garages become storehouses for flammable materials.  This is especially dangerous when your garage is attached to your house. It’s much better to store combustibles in a shed that’s a good distance away from your house and garage.

Be Careful With Electricity

Because you might not have as many electrical sockets as you’d like in your garage, you may be tempted to overload your sockets.  Just as it is inside your house, this is a dangerous practice. Ensure your electrical sockets aren’t overloaded by plugging in only one appliance per outlet.

Avoid Long Term Use Of Extension Cords

You shouldn’t use extension cords for longterm electrical solutions.  Ensure any appliances in your garage are able to reach an electrical outlet with the original cord alone.  Although it’s fine to use an extension cord for short term situations, do not leave them unattended for long periods of time.

Ensure Your Appliances Are Grounded

Most appliances already have a ground as part of the electrical plug.  You shouldn’t try to override this by pulling out the third prong on the plug.  Similarly, do not use a three pronged plug with an extension cord that only has two input holes.

Keep Your Garage Clean

Sawdust, oily rags and leaking solvents are all fire hazards and shouldn’t be allowed to accumulate in your garage – or anywhere for that matter.  Keep your garage clean and free of any hazardous materials.

Install Fire Rated Drywall

It may already be a requirement in your area, but using fire rated drywall in the construction of your garage can prevent a fire from easily spreading to the rest of your house.  Comply with your local regulations and don’t look to cut costs when it comes to fire safety.

Install A Smoke Detector

Easy, cheap and plain common sense.