8 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Garage Door  

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old garage door

Don’t throw away that old garage door!

It’s large, it’s weather resistant, it’s made of multiple panels… and it has a lot of potential! With a little work and a little ingenuity, you can give your old garage door a new purpose! Here are just a few of the things you could do….

Display it proudly

A solid-wood garage door can become a thing of beauty! Strip the paint from a few panels, refinish them if you like and hang them in a place of prominence. Be sure you secure the panels to the wall carefully though, especially if they’re being hung above your bed.

Make extra seating

Make a backyard bench using a couple of the middle sections from a salvaged door. Use one for the top and cut the the other into supports. Add cushions for flare and comfort.

Raise your plant beds

Use the panels of a metal garage door to make raised flower beds. This is super easy: once the panels are broken apart, they can be used as is.

Fashion some frames

Remove the centers of a garage door’s panels to create frames for your artwork – or add clips to make a convenient message center for your family.

Bring the outdoors in

Installing an operational windowed garage door instead of French doors or a group of windows will bring tons of natural light and fresh air into your home. Beautiful!!

Show off your curios

Creating a curio cabinet from your old garage door will require a good deal of disassembling and reconstructing, but it’s a really cool idea and the result will be unique.

Establish some boundaries

re-use garage doorA privacy screen made from a solid-material door is a great idea for a patio, backyard… or even, if you have the ceiling height, indoors. A custom paint job could really work here!

Protect your produce

Their ability to withstand the weather makes garage doors the perfect material for building a greenhouse. One that has glass panels, to let in the sunlight, is especially ideal!

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