Belt Garage Door Opener

If you’re looking for a quiet, low-vibration option for your garage door, then a belt garage door opener might just be the right pick for you.  It’s the best choice for most residential options, with a wide range of high-quality openers available.  The Door Master offers a variety of belt garage door openers for installation and can repair or replace your existing belt garage door opener, as well.

Belt garage door openers use a belt to drive a trolley, which raises and lowers the door.  This is as opposed to a chain-drive opener, which uses a metal chain, a screw-drive opener, which uses threaded steel rods, or a direct-drive opener, where the motor itself serves as the trolley.  As you might expect, each option has its own unique advantages and downsides.

Belt garage door openers are quieter than noisy chain garage door options.  This is because the rubber belt on the cog doesn’t bang and bounce around as a metal chain does.  This isn’t the only part of your garage door that makes noise – it doesn’t matter how quiet your opener is if the door itself makes a racket on your track – but if noise is your primary concern then a belt garage door opener is your best choice.  Ideally, you’ll want to select a direct current belt drive, as that offers softer starts and stops which further reduce noise.  With fewer moving parts, there are also fewer things that can fail on a belt garage door opener, another great selling point.

These benefits do come with a catch, however – belt-driven garage door openers do tend to be more expensive than their chain counterparts.  That’s worth it, however, to avoid getting woken up in the middle of the night by the banging of your garage door!  If your garage is right under your bedrooms, then a belt garage door opener is worth every penny.  Our expert technicians will help ensure you pick the right garage door opener for your situation.

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