Chain Garage Door Opener

A chain garage door opener is generally the most economical garage door opener on the market.  It’s a dependable, reliable option, able to handle even the heaviest of doors.  The Door Master offers a variety of chain garage door openers for installation and can repair or replace your existing chain garage door opener, as well.

Chain garage door openers use a metal chain to drive the trolley, which raises and lowers the door.  This is as opposed to a belt-drive opener, which uses a belt, a screw-drive opener, which uses threaded steel rods, or a direct-drive opener, where the motor itself serves as the trolley.  As you might expect, each option has its own unique advantages and downsides.

Chain garage door openers tend to be noisier than their belt-driven counterparts.  There are ways to dampen that noise – chain separators can help stop the chain from banging against the track, for example – but they do tend to be louder, just from how they work.  That makes them a good choice for detached garages, or garages on the opposite end of the house from bedrooms and other living areas – the less important noise reduction is, the better chain garage door openers become.

More modern chain garage door openers, with soft start-and-stop technology, are quieter than their older counterparts.  If you have a detached garage or a particularly heavy door, a chain garage door opener might be the right choice for you.  Our expert technicians will help ensure you pick the right garage door opener for your situation.

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