Craftsman is a name that has been synonymous with quality since 1927.  It’s the best-selling tool brand on the market, and their range of garage door openers carry the same level of quality and precision you expect from a Craftsman product.  Craftsman means trusted performance, and that’s true whether it’s a power drill, a lawn mower, or a new garage door opener.  The Door Master is proud to offer the complete range of Craftsman garage door opener products.

Craftsman’s garage door openers are part of their smart products line.  That means they come with an app that let you monitor and control their operation from your smartphone.  You can check the status of your garage door from any smart device, controlling access to your garage both at home and on the go.  It gives you a sense of control over your home, even when you’re away.  They also offer products to upgrade your existing garage door opener, allowing the same level of control.

Power outages won’t stop them from working, either, thanks to their battery backup system.  They’re dependable, as well, with systems in place to prevent interference from other household electronics.  They’re equipped with reliable safety features, preventing the door from closing if anything interrupts its beam, as well as a theft protection system that securely locks the door and prevents intruders from entering the garage.  There’s a wide range of features and options available, ensuring you can select the perfect opener for your home and your needs.

We offer the very finest garage door products, service and repairs – our licensed, bonded, and insured field technicians will provide timely and affordable solutions no matter what your garage door issue might be. You won’t find a better combination of quality and affordability: that’s our guarantee.

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