Creating A Multi-Purpose Garage Space  

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Although the primary use of any household garage is for vehicle storage, you can put your garage to use for many other purposes.  If you have more garage space than you need for your vehicle alone, consider transforming parts of it for other uses.  Here’s a list of how you can use your garage space for multiple purposes.




The garage workshop is a timeless classic.  Since the space already houses vehicles, it makes perfect sense to use the same area to run tools or do work that would create an unreasonable amount of noise, dust and odours inside the house.  Setting aside an area for storing and working with tools is all you need to get your garage workshop up and running.


Sports Equipment Storage


Whether your sport of choice uses a lot or a tiny amount of equipment, it’s probably preferable to store it in the garage rather than bringing it into the house.  Smelly footwear and sports padding stored in the garage will be barely noticeable along with the exhaust fumes from your car. It makes good sense when comparing that with bringing the same articles into the house.  At the same time, the garage is the perfect place to store large sporting gear like kayaks, ATVs, boats and the like.


Den And Entertainment Area


If you have more spare room in your garage than you do in the rest of your house, it might make sense to bring in a big screen TV, some carpeting and some furniture to convert the area into an entertainment space.  Add a beer fridge and it can become a great place to watch the game with friends.  Also, in this day and age where few people allow smoking inside the house, a garage can be a sheltered space for those who still partake in the habit.


Rehearsal Space


Garage bands are called garage bands for a reason.  And that reason is that long before they get to the point of playing arenas and dominating the world, they need a place to practice and hone their skills.  A garage, with some sound proofing to mollify the house inhabitants and neighbours, is the perfect place to set up a drum kit and PA system and allow would-be rockstars to practice.  If the household’s preferred method of expression is dancing or theatre, the garage remains a great place to allow the freedom of movement and volume needed to perfect one’s craft.   


Garage’s don’t need to be used solely for vehicle storage.  If you have the space, consider re-purposing parts of your garage for others uses.  Not only will it keep your house neater, it will make better use of the space you have available.

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