How to Decorate Your Garage Door For The Holidays  

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holiday decorating

The holiday season is upon us once again.  You may have already noticed your neighbours decorating their houses and if that’s the case, you better get on it – you don’t want to be known as the neighbourhood grinch!  Your garage door makes the perfect canvas for a large expression of holiday cheer.  Here’s some ideas to get you started.

String Up Some Lights

Most people put lights on the eavestroughing of their house, but you can also extend this holiday classic by doing the same with your garage.  Although you won’t want to be attaching lights directly to your garage door, feel free to tack some onto the door frame.  If you’ve run out of lights, consider adding garland or sprigs of holly to door frame and eavestroughing.

Turn It Into The Biggest Gift Ever

This is a simple decorative trick that can make a big impression.  Simply apply a wide, red ribbon running up the middle of your garage door.  Complement this with a horizontal ribbon running across the door just above the halfway mark and you’ll create the illusion of a large present. Consider adding a bow to the crosspoint of the two ribbons or if you want to get technical, add a large 3D bow to the roof of the garage.

Paint A Mural

If you have an artistic soul in the house or neighbourhood, try painting a holiday scene directly onto your garage door.  It’s possible to coat your door in contact paper and paint on that if you’re not looking for something permanent.  Or consider a winter scene not directly related to the holidays and you should be able to leave it up until spring time.

Add Removable Stickers

If painting isn’t your forte or you’re not looking to permanently alter the facade of your garage, consider removable stickers.  Stickers give a professional look, are available in a wide variety of designs and are lightweight enough that they won’t do any damage to your garage door opener.

Try Magnets

Magnets are also an easily removable option while remaining lightweight.  If you’re having trouble finding seasonal magnets, you could buy magnetic letters to spell out a personal holiday greeting.

Prevent Damage To Your Garage Door

Although it’s understandable that you would want to use such a large space for holiday decorating, there are some things to consider when hanging decorations on your garage door.  Make sure they’re thin enough to allow the door to open and close without hindrance.  Keeping the combined weight of the decorations to under one pound is advisable to prevent damage to your door opener.  Also, be careful not to cover the seams of the door as these need to remain obstruction-free for easy opening and closing.

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