Garage Door Trends for 2018  

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Every season and every year we learn about the latest fashion trends on the runways in Paris and New York, the interior design trends in urban condos and suburban homes and trends for almost anything else that can be imagined.  Sticking with the trend (see what we did there?), we’re going follow right along and forecast the garage door trends of 2018.

“Smart” Door Openers

If you’ve ever pulled the blunder where you’ve driven all the way to work and then realized you forgot to close your garage door, you’ll know from experience that a traditional remote controlled garage door opener will do you no good when you’re miles away from your home.  Today’s garage door openers are “smart” and run through an app on your cell phone.  So even if you’re already at work, you’ll still be able to close your garage door with a tap of a button.  The app will even let you know if your door is opening or closing at any time of the day.

Insulated Doors

Heat loss from the garage door is greater than any other part of the family home.  And we’re not just talking when the door is opened.  Even when a garage door is closed, a tremendous amount of warmth escapes right through the door itself.  And with so many homeowners opting for heated or semi-heated garages, this can cause a major increase in heating bills.  Insulated garage doors will not only keep your bills lower, they’ll prevent unnecessary energy use.

Glass Doors

Glass garage doors create a stunning look and add plenty of curb appeal to your house.  They perfectly complement modern and mid-century builds.  The doors work well with people who spend a lot of time in their garage as they allow natural sunlight to enter during the day.  Frosted or tinted glass can be utilized to maintain privacy.  There are even options for insulated glass to prevent heat loss and tempered glass for extra strength.