How a Garage Door Seal Can Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home  

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The energy efficiency of a home is based on the home’s structure and heating, cooling and hot water systems. However, in winter, there seem to be a lot of spaces left unattended to in relations to your home’s energy efficiency. This gives room for cold to enter into your home, thereby increasing the amount you spend trying to manage heat. A significant way to improve the Energy Efficiency of your home is by using a garage door seal.

Garage door seals are also referred to as weatherstripping because they function as a seal of the garage against the elements. As said earlier, weather stripping and garage doors are often ignored by most homeowners because it doesn’t seem as important in its functionality as other parts of the garage door.

It is important to know that a garage door seal performs several other functions, aside from weather stripping, as well.

Garage door seals are very efficient in keeping a lot of things out of the garage. They also ensure that the room temperature is managed, that is, either cool or warm air is kept in the room while locking out cold. If the air seals on your garage door are in good condition, they will help you regulate the temperature inside your home by allowing your home to be more energy efficient. The room that shares wall with your garage will even be warmer if the garage is closed and air does not escape the garage. Only a seal can truly shut out air. Your garage is a buffer that acts against the outdoors and your home.

Garage door seals ensure a seal where there may be gaps in between your garage floor and your garage door. By sealing these gaps, you are protecting the garage from the infiltration of wind, leaves, rain, cold, pest, etc.

Using a garage door seal means that you are trying to ensure a proper insulation which will keep the air inside your garage regulated and also that a less dramatic effect of the temperature of your home. Garage door seals play a critical role in keeping your home at a more energy efficient score by sealing even the smallest wind gaps in your garage.

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