Why Should You Replace Your Garage Door in the Spring?  

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Spring is all about renewal. Between spring cleanings, sprucing up your car, and planning all of your outdoor activities, the home begins to wake up and get ready for the new! As you begin to clear out your home, you may find there are a few things that could use replacing, like your garage door. Below are some key factors that can help you decide if now is a good time for you.

Best Time For Pricing

If you work in the construction industry, you know the winter can be a dull time. It is often too cold to have any work done and weather can interrupt many projects. Which is why as soon as spring hits, those in the home remodel industry want to hit the ground running. You will find plenty of promotions and sales trying to get your attention. This makes spring the best time to buy and negotiate a price for your new garage door.

Replace Those Items Affected By The Harsh Winter

Without even realizing it, our garage doors take a beating during those cold months. Some garage doors need to be replaced entirely, while others can just use a slight tune-up. The springs in your garage door, for example, should only be good for about 5 to 6 years. Any longer and you risk a garage door that may not open properly or break during a bad time of the year. If you are unsure about the status of your door, at least have it checked to make sure all parts are working. Which leads us to our third point…


Replacing your garage door can have many benefits, like improving the value of your home or increasing energy efficiency. However, one of the greatest benefits is the safety it can bring to your garage. A place children often grab their bikes, you bring in the groceries, or use as hang out space during those hot months. Replacing your door not only ensures it will work properly buy could prevent injuries and break-ins with the latest technology. Contact us today to learn about your options.