Garage Door Spring Repair  

We can service all components of a garage door including cables, springs, torsion and extension adjustment, and motor replacement. Let us professionally repair your garage door.  Done right the first time!

One of the most common faults that afflicts garage doors is the failure of one or more torsion springs. If your garage door won’t open at all or gets halfway up before stopping, often to the accompaniment of a loud bang, you are almost certainly dealing with a broken torsion spring. Fortunately for you, help is at hand! At The Door Master, garage doors are our life. We are intimately familiar with all the different makes and models currently on the market so unless you imported your door from Outer Mongolia, we have most likely encountered the same model, with the same problem, a number of times already. This familiarity allows us to provide a rapid repair service that our competitors find hard to match.

Garage Door Spring Repair for Domestic and Commercial Customers

We cater to both companies and individuals across the GTA, including Vaughan and Richmond Hill, so wherever you are we can fix your garage door. Our prices are very reasonable, for both our commercial and residential repair service, so there is no need to worry that asking us to help is going to land you with a huge callout fee and outrageous labour charges. We believe that it should be possible to make a reasonable profit by providing a first-rate service at attractive prices and we have put this belief to the test, with great success. Don’t accept high prices for a low quality service when you can take advantage of the very best garage door spring repair service available at competitive rates.

What to Do If You Think You Have a Broken Spring

If you think that one of your torsion springs is broken, we recommend that you do not attempt to fix it yourself. This is not because we want you to pay us to fix it but because it can be very dangerous. To be completely safe, we recommend that you do not attempt to open your garage door once a spring has broken. If you need to get your car out, call us now on (905) 326 5800and let us come and help. We would much prefer that you do this – for a small callout fee – than to put yourself or your family in danger. We offer an emergency garage door spring repair service for just such occasions so you might as well get us to fix the spring while we are there.

What We Do When You Call Us

The first thing that we do if you need our help urgently is to prioritise your call to ensure that a technician is with you as soon as possible. After that, we generally follow the procedure below.

Survey the door and all components – In order to accurately diagnose the problem, our fully licensed technician will inspect your door and all its components thoroughly. Whilst it may be quite obvious what is wrong, our garage door spring repair team never like to make assumptions as they can come back to haunt you at a later date.

Replace both springs – If one spring has gone, the other is usually not far behind so we feel that the safest thing to do is to replace them both at the same time.

Test the Door – Before leaving, our technician will make sure that everything is now in full working order.

Assuming it is only a torsion spring that is broken, that is all that will need to be done. Please feel free to call if you have any questions about our garage door spring repair; we look forward to helping you in the near future.