Garage Door Spring Repair  

Garage Door Spring Repair in Toronto and Southwestern Ontario

Garage door spring malfunction is one of the most common problem we see in residential garage door repair. There are two types of springs, torsion spring and extension spring, both are easily fixed with our teams of specialized technicians. The garage door Master technicians are familiar and well-trained in all types of springs repair and replacements.

The role of the springs is to reduce gravity’s power and help your garage door opener or yourself to open the your garage door without feeling the weight of the door. a quality spring would last between 6 to 10 years, depending on the level of use, the changes in weather and the maintenance of the door and springs. When you need a garage door spring repair, we will do it best the first time. call us now (905) 326 5800!!!

The Door Master services are available 24/7 all across Toronto, the GTA and Southwestern Ontario. Our technicians are spread all across our service areas which would give you a quick appointment and fast resolution to your problem.

What happens when garage door springs break?

  • Your garage door will open halfway and get stuck.
  • You will hear a loud noise when your door is closing.
  • When you try to open the door you will hear the engine’s effort to try and lift the door.
  • When you attempt to open the door manually it will feel very heavy, more than its usual weight.
  • Attempting to open the door Manually or with a garage door opener will not move the door at all.

When you encounter any of these problems in your garage door spring, please! do not attempt you fix it yourself as the springs are quite hazardous and can harm you. call us, we are the experts. Our teams of specialized technicians have been working for 25 years with all models and makes of residential garage door springs and commercial garage door springs. The door master teams received extensive training in safety handling of any parts of the garage door springs, and are exceptional at garage door spring replacement and garage door spring repair.

The Door Master Company only uses quality parts, we keep them on hand so you would not need to wait for orders of any type of parts you might need, especially parts like springs who are commonly malfunctioning.

We offer first-rate service at attractive prices, our services are available to you at all times all throughout Toronto, the GTA and Southwestern Ontario. we will give you an appointment on the same day you call us, as we understand the importance of your garage door to be able to open and close properly to keep your family safe from the elements of the Canadian weather, and any hazardous factors from the outside.

Commercial Garage Door Spring Repair

We offer an emergency garage door spring repair service for your business!! With no extra fees for emergencies we will be there for you today!!! Running a business is very stressful and issues happen all the time, call the door master so we can help you continue your work with no problems, our extremely trained technicians will fix your problem without interrupting your work, we will keep you and your employees safe as you continue your work. Our attractive prices will make it easy for you to call us now.

We offer a warranty on all of our work,as we know, we offer the best service for garage door spring repair.

Garage Door Spring Repair for Residential and Commercial Customers

We cater to both companies and individuals across the GTA, including Vaughan and Richmond Hill, so wherever you are we can fix your garage door. Our prices are very reasonable, for both our commercial and residential repair service, so there is no need to worry that asking us to help is going to land you with a huge callout fee and outrageous labour charges. We believe that it should be possible to make a reasonable profit by providing a first-rate service at attractive prices and we have put this belief to the test, with great success. Don’t accept high prices for a low quality service when you can take advantage of the very best garage door spring repair service available at competitive rates.

With our superb attention to details, we will come and assess the problem, we will check your doors balance, the spring functioning and all the other components of your door prior to making our quote to you. Our technicians might be able to fix the problem after inspecting the springs, or you might be needing to replace the springs, we would do so for you after consulting you And reviewing the problems with you. are well trained and licensed technicians will inspect all the components after replacing the parts or fixing them we will not leave you until you are completely satisfied with our services. we will test the door with you and give you advice better maintenance and handling of your garage door and garage door springs.

You can call us at anytime if you have any questions or you need any advice, obviously, with no extra charge. All of our employees are experienced and trained in clear communication and assisting you, our clients, to understand what it is the problem, how are we fixing it and how to avoid it in the future.

Call now for a specialist (905) 326 5800!!!