What Steps to Take if Your Garage Opener Remote is Stolen  

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Thieves are always trying to stay one step ahead of the law and their victims by constantly coming up with new methods of stealing.  One of these newer types of thievery is to go after people’s garage door openers. Because many people leave their garage door openers in their car, along with their vehicle registration which prominently features their address, this new scam has allowed quick moving burglars to break into a victim’s car and home in rapid succession.  What should you do if your garage door opener has been stolen?

Enlist The Police

The first thing you should do is call the police and tell them your garage door opener has been stolen and your home is possibly in danger.  Rushing home alone may be the worst possible action as you could end up surprising the thief in the act which could be very dangerous. Ideally you’d have police back up before you go home.  Of course, this may not be possible, so when you do finally go home, approach with caution and make no attempt to interfere if you do come across a burglar.

Disable Your Remote

If you’re lucky enough to get home before the thief does, disable your remote as soon as possible.  Check the motor housing of your garage door opener for the smart button and push and hold the button for a few seconds.  This will deprogram all your remotes and render the garage door unopenable by remote control. Reprogram your existing remotes by following instructions in the owner’s manual.  Alternatively, there may be a lock button on the control panel that will render all remotes inoperable. You should still be able to open and close the door using the corresponding button on the control panel.

Be Proactive

Once your remotes have been disabled, you’ll be able to reprogram your remaining remote controls so the stolen one no longer works.  Going forward, it pays to be proactive against remote control theft. Do not leave your garage door remote control or your registration in your vehicle.  These days it’s possible to get a key fob or smartphone app garage door opener. As for your registration, it’s best kept in your wallet.