The Pros And Cons of A Walk Through (Pedestrian) Garage Door  

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walk though garage door

The pedestrian door is one of the most recent innovations in home garage door installation.  A pedestrian (or walk through) garage door is basically a normal sized door embedded into the full garage door.  This allows you to directly enter and exit your garage without raising the whole garage door or going through the house.  Initially used in industrial garages to cut down on heat loss associated with opening a large door to the environment, pedestrian doors have since been implemented in household garages.

What Are The Pros Of A Pedestrian Garage Door?


  • Pedestrian garage doors may be absolutely necessary if your garage is located in the basement or if your property layout doesn’t allow a standard access door directly into the house.  
  • A pedestrian door is handy if you or your family frequently enter the garage by foot.  Rather than having to walk through the house itself (with dirty shoes!) or open the full garage door, a walk through door simplifies the process.
  • In colder climes, many people have heated garages.  A walk through door will allow you to retrieve small items, such as a snow shovel, without opening the large door and letting all the heat out.  
  • A walk-through door is also convenient in the event of power outages or mechanical failure of the garage door opening system.


What Are The Cons Of A Walk Through Garage Door?


  • Simply put, pedestrian doors do not come cheaply.  Adding a walk through to a garage door can easily double the price.
  • You must also consider extra security issues.  A pedestrian door needs to be secured against outside intruders which will typically mean an extra key (or keys) for the family.  As well, a system will need to be installed to prevent the garage door being opened while the walk through door is open.
  • Garage door size must also be considered as it will need to be at least 8 feet wide for a pedestrian door to be installed.
  • Although a pedestrian door will slow escaping heat compared to the use of the full garage door, extra insulation and weatherproofing will need to be added to the pedestrian door itself to maintain its energy efficiency.

Whether to install a pedestrian door will depend on the size and layout of your property, your energy concerns and the ways in which you use your garage.  Our professional opinion can give you insight into what would work best for you.


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