Today’s Top Garage Door Trends  

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Garage doors have come along way!  It’s no longer your grandfather’s garage door.  Here’s a list of today’s top garage door trends.


Smart Technology


As the 21rst century popularizes the “Internet Of Things” so too have garages given way to smart technology.  Security features such as smartphone controlled opening/closing systems, keyless smart locks and rolling or hopping code systems that prevent eavesdroppers from intercepting remote control transmissions have all been popularized as of late.  Laser guided parking systems, app controlled lighting and smart thermostat technology are other examples of smart technology moving into the garage.


Energy Efficiency


As the general population thinks more about energy conservation, environmental sustainability and money savings, energy efficiency in the garage is finally catching up with the rest of the home.  Proper insulation in the the walls and ceiling goes a long way into keeping extreme temperatures at bay.  Multi-walled, energy efficient garage doors are readily available nowadays.  You may also want to consider a walk-through or pedestrian door so you don’t have to open the entire door when you need to grab something small out of the garage.


Multi-Functional Abilities


Garages aren’t exclusively used for storing vehicles these days.  Of course, the garage workshop is a classic secondary use of the space.  Additionally, people have been moving in large screen TVs, comfortable furniture, bar fridges and recreational items such as pinball machines and ping pong tables into the garage.  A garage can also be used as a musical, dance or artistic studio area.


Coordinating House And Garage Design


It’s been found that a garage can have a large effect on the curb appeal and resale value of a house.  Coordinating the design of the house and garage with matching colours, windows and trim can add aesthetic appeal and increase the value of your home.  This is most easily done by choosing the appropriate garage door for the style of your house.  As opposed to putting zero thought into the style of your garage door, a little attention to detail can go a long way when it comes to added value.


Unique And Customized Doors


Going along with coordinating your house and garage design, finding and installing unique and customized doors is easier than it’s ever been.  With online commerce, no longer do you have to travel from salesroom to salesroom only to be disappointed by what they have in stock.  Spending the same amount of time online will get you exactly what fits your needs whether its colour, size, style other specifications.  Finding and purchasing unique and customized garage doors is easier than ever.


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