Top 2019 Garage Door Trends  

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Just as the fashion industry ends each year with predictions for the trends of the coming seasons, people in the business of garage doors always have their eye open for new twists and trends coming down the line.  If there’s one thing that’s constant in the garage door industry, it’s that nothing ever stays the same. To get us prepared for the new year, we’re going out on a limb to predict the top 2019 garage door trends.

All Window Doors

Although all window garage doors aren’t a branhd new product, they’re becoming more popular with each coming year.  And we don’t see this trend slowing down. The fact is, all window garage doors are super attractive and can transform the look of the entire property.  To add to their flexibility, there’s huge variety of colour, tints and designs available. And not only do they look great, but they allow more natural light to enter the garage.

The Colour Black

For several years now, it seems that absolutely anything was able to claim the title of being the new black.  Well, black is now back – especially when it comes to garage doors. And although it might be intimidating to go for such a bold colour statement, the results speak for themselves.  A black garage door doesn’t only look great, especially on a lighter coloured building, it will also hide dirt, dents and scrapes. Contrary to popular belief, black is the most requested colour for garage doors these days.  And that trend doesn’t seem to be abating.

Natural Wood Finishes

If you’re not totally convinced by the colour black, you might want to consider using a natural wood finish.  Natural wood is a great complement to all window garage doors and works well with houses that already incorporate a lot of natural wood construction.  Wood gives off an aura of warmth and classic styling while still being modern and classy.

Other Colours

If black or a natural wood finish don’t work for you or your house, try another colour that seems more suitable.  Just getting a fresh coat of paint on your door will make a big difference to the overall look of your property. It’ll give your door a clean look and add a brightness to the whole property.