Top Reasons to Invest in a New Garage Door  

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Older garage door opening systems are well known for the noise they create when being opened and closed.  Garage door technology has come a long way in recent years and newer garage doors make a lot less noise than those that were manufactured years ago.  Excessive noise may also indicate your garage door is about to fail, so pay heed to the warning sounds.


Although your garage will lose a lot of heat when the door is opened, garage door insulation has become much more of a priority in recent decades.  The garage door has been found to be one of the main culprits of household heat loss – even when closed. This is not good news in an environmentally conscious world or an era of excessive heating bills.  Today’s garage doors are much more energy efficient than those from the past.  Upgrading may save you a lot of money.

Paint Decay

If you need to continually repaint your garage door, you should know that the new generation of doors are much more resistant to weather, rust and general use.  Most of today’s garage doors feature paints that are baked on and rarely need repainting.  If you’re painting your garage door every couple of years, a new garage door might be a savvy investment.

Increase Property Value

Because garage doors make up such a large part of a house’s facade, a worn, tired looking or out of fashion door may bring down your property value substantially.  There are of lot of new garage doors on the market that can radically alter the look of your entire home and increase the curb appeal of your house with a simple replacement.  If you’re planning on selling your house, replacing your garage door might give your property value a big boost.

Poorly Functioning

A poorly functioning garage door isn’t just an annoyance, it can actually be very dangerous.  There’s a lot of potential energy stored in an automatic garage door that’s in the up position.  If it came crashing down it could cause serious injury or death.  If your garage door isn’t working properly, it may be time to replace it.  Not doing so could result in regretful circumstances.