Top Tips for Hosting a Successful Garage Sale  

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garage sale

Putting on a garage sale will not only bring in some extra money, it will help declutter your house.  It seems like a spring rite of passage for garage sales to take root in neighbourhoods all over the country.  Because of that, competition can be fierce. Here are some tips to help make your garage sale a successful one.


Make sure you understand the rules regarding garage sales in your area.  The last thing you want is for you money making venture to result in a fine.  Check your local details before any further planning.

Invite Neighbours To Sell

By asking neighbours if they want to participate you can increase the amount of things for sale as well as the number of people looking for a bargain.  More people involved will mean it’s easier to take breaks as well.

Be Ready For The Early Birds

Once you’ve decided what time your garage sale will start, make sure you have everything on display long before that time.  There are a lot of garage sale aficionados who make sure to show up early to snag the good stuff. If you’re not ready for them you may have people trying to buy things before you’ve even unpacked them.


Put up posters on the main traffic corridors near you.  Balloons help gain attention. Make sure you address is prominent and the sign is readable from a distance.  Many newspapers and community flyers also offer ads for cheap or free. Post messages on your social media sites and any community pages.  Once the sale is over, make sure to retrieve any physical signs.


Make sure to individually price every item you’re hoping to sell.  This will give buyers information without them needing to ask you. Be prepared to bargain.  You may find expert hagglers will lowball you, so make sure you already have a minimum price in your head for all your items.

Other Tips

Make sure to have change, some sort of cash purse or safe and bags or boxes for people to take away their goods in. Also have an electrical outlet so people can test any merchandise that needs to be plugged in.