How to Troubleshoot Steel Garage Door Problems  

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steel garage door

Steel garage doors incorporate the traditional panel garage door with the strength and sturdiness of steel.  The result is a garage door that can stand up to harsh weather and insulate your garage and house while providing a low maintenance entryway for your vehicles.  However, constant or infrequent use will eventually cause a garage door show its age.  With this in mind we’ve come up with a list of garage door problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Improper Closing And Opening

If your garage door is opening erratically, closing immediately after opening, quickly falling shut or failing to open and close altogether there are a few different places you should be inspecting:

  • Power Source

You should first check your source of power.  Make sure the garage door opener is plugged into a working socket.  Most garage door openers come with backup battery systems, so even if the power is out, they should still function.

  • Sensors

The next thing to check are the sensors which are typically located near the bottom on either side of the door.  Make sure there is nothing blocking the sensors, including dirt, and that they are properly aligned.  If you cannot see a beam passing between the sensors they may need to be replaced by a garage door technician.

  • Tracks

Also make sure the tracks aren’t bent or out of alignment.  You might be able to bend them back into proper shape, but you may also have to replace them outright.  

  • Torsion Spring

If there is a problem with the torsion spring mechanism, the apparatus located above the door that contains the cables that lifts or lowers the door, you should contact a garage door specialist.  

  • Cables

Garage door cables have a tendency to loosen and snap as they age and should be replaced by a specialist immediately.  Even the process of purchasing the right sized cable is something that should be left to a professional.

Harsh Squeaks Or Grinding

Garage doors need to be lubricated on a regular basis – usually twice a year.  If there are harsh squeaks or grinding of metal during operation it may be time to break out some silicone based lubricant.  Add lubricant to the door’s tracks, chains, springs and hinges.  Also try cleaning the rollers with a solution containing dishwashing liquid and following up with a lubricant.

Remote Control Malfunction

If the remote control doesn’t work, but the door still responds to the wall mounted switch, check to make sure the remote’s batteries haven’t died.  If the batteries are fine, the remote might need to be reprogrammed or replaced.


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