Turn Your Garage Into A Haunted House for Halloween  

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Halloween is typically thought of as a children’s holiday, but there are ways for adults to get involved as well. One way to exercise your Halloween creativity is to convert your garage into a haunted house. A little bit of planning and preparation can make your garage the ghouliest on the block.

Clean The Area

If you plan on having people touring through your garage, you’ll want to make sure the area is cleared of any hazards. Move any equipment and tools to a separate area or out of the garage completely. You want to make sure people can move around easily without bumping into any non-Halloween themed items. Consider this both a safety measure and a way of increasing the spookiness of your mini theme park to-be.

Blacken The Space

Part of the scariness of a haunted house is the fact that it’s dark most of the time. To keep with this theme, cover any furniture such as workbenches or shelving with black tarps, plastic or sheets. Make sure to block any windows to stop light from creeping in from the outside.

Create A Pathway

You want your guests to follow an orderly path so that you know where they’ll be in order to maximize the fright factor. Use cardboard boxes, sheets of plywood or other barriers to control the direction of your victims. Add your scary bits, such as a monster falling from the ceiling or a blazing flash of light around blind corners.

Choose A Spooky Soundtrack

A sound system will go a long way towards creating a spooky ambience. Whether you choose creepy music, sounds of thunder and windstorms, the voices of screaming banshees or an amalgamation of all of the above, wire your garage for sound to heighten the sense of scariness.

Create Mood Lighting

Although darkness will play a big role in a haunted house, you’ll need some sort of lighting to maximize the effectiveness of your scary spots. Try using black lights, strobe lights or fairy lights along with a fog machine to create a spooky ambience. Strong floodlights can be used as an element of surprise or as a screen for a monster to hide behind.

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