What to do if Your Garage Door is Making Noise  

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garage door noise

Any garage door opener system will make a certain amount of noise when its opened or closed.  However, what should you do if your garage door seems to be making an inordinate amount of noise?  In this article we’ll go over some elements of the garage door you’ll want to inspect if the noise it’s making seems more worrisome than just bothersome.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are attached above the garage door and are instrumental in the process of opening and closing the door.  Cables are attached to the bottom of the garage door and when it closes the torsion springs are wound up creating a tension that will open the door when the garage door opener is used.  If you hear loud clunks or booms when the door opens and closes, your torsion springs made need replacing. Check the springs when the door is closed to see if any are broken or frayed. Replacing torsion springs is not a job for someone without experience, so if you do have a broken torsion spring, call in an expert.


Garage door rollers fit into tracks on either side of the door and guide the door up and down.  Bent or damaged rollers will make a continuous noise while the door is opening or closing and can be described as a mid level clinking sound.  Check the rollers for defects and to make sure they’re rolling properly when the door is moving. If there’s no visible damage, the rollers might simply need lubrication.

Chain Or Belt Drives

The chain drive or belt drive of the garage door opener is responsible for transferring the power from the garage door opener to the door itself.  Drive chains are inherently noisier than belt driven door openers. However, if there’s a constant, metallic grinding sound coming from the chain or belt drive it may be too loose and need readjustment.