Commercial & Industrial Torsion Springs

Commercial and industrial torsion springs are used to help operate large overhead doors. The type of spring is determined by the width, weight, and height of the door. When you need to replace your spring, the door needs to be measured and weighed by a garage door specialist.

Our commercial garage door technician will recommend the right spring that will fit your commercial door and maximize its efficiency.

Garage Door Repair and Installation

Just for comparison - the lifespan of a residential garage door spring can reach up to 10K cycles. The lifespan of a spring designed for a commercial door or industrial garage door is 10K-97K cycles. One cycle is considered the opening + closing of the garage door.

Because springs have the same lifespan and a limited number of cycles, the recommendation will always be - if you replace one, replace them all. The reason is that if one of the springs malfunctions, most likely the others are also in the wear phase and will probably need a replacement soon. In addition, over time a spring loses its tension, and therefore it is important that proper maintenance is done on a regular basis in order to have your commercial door operating safely.

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