Garage Door Cables

A cable is made of strands of galvanized steel and works together with the springs to support the weight of the garage door. The type of cables is determined by the weight of the garage door. For standard-lift residential garage doors, the cable length should be the door height plus 18 inches.

Problems can occur when the tension on the cables is too tight or too loose. If the cables are too tight, the garage door will not be closed all the way. If the garage door cables are too loose, the motor will not allow the door to move as it will not grasp the cable. If there is any issue with cable tension and the door hits the ground too heavily, it may break.

While it may sound confusing, garage door cables are not hard to replace or repair when done by an experienced professional.

Garage Door Cable | Composed of Strands of Galvanized Steel - Installed By The Door Master.

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