Residential Garage Door Repair  

residential garage door repair

Your garage door is an essential part of your home lending to overall appearance as well as security. It’s important your garage door not only functions well, but looks good too.

There are a number of moving components in your garage door that can break down and wear out over time. Our team of friendly service professionals can affordably diagnose the problem, and quickly replace and/or repair the door without hassle. We also offer a 24/7 emergency repair service for when you need your garage door fixed NOW.

If you live in Ontario we are your friendly, local garage door specialists. If you live anywhere else in the Greater Toronto Area, we are the obvious first choice for any type of residential garage door repair that you may require. We aren’t a group of local tradespeople who can turn our hands to any task; we specialise in the installation, servicing and repair of both residential and commercial garage doors. What this means to you as a homeowner, with a garage door that is in a state of disrepair, is that the only number you need to call is ours. If there is something wrong with your garage door that we cannot fix, it’s time to get a new one!

What Our Residential Garage Door Repair Service Covers

We can deal with the following issues, among others, which are a fairly regular occurrence with garage doors in the GTA:

Cosmetic Damage – If you accidentally drive into your door and damage one or more of the panels, we can come to your home and fix it for you. By the time we leave, your door will look as good as new.

Spring Failure – One of the most common problems that people experience is the failure of torsion or extension springs. Fortunately, this is a component that we can swap out quickly and replace for you, restoring your door to full working order in no time at all.

Motor Failure – Once the motor fails on an automatic door, it will no longer respond to the commands of your remote opener, rendering it quite useless. We carry a wide selection of motors and can fix all leading brands in very short order.

Hinge Failure – Over time, it is possible for the hinges on your door to weaken and even fail completely. Our residential garage door repair team can replace any affected hinges and ensure that your door is working smoothly again before leaving to help the next client in distress.

Remote or Wall Switch Malfunction – In the case of remote failure, we generally find that the easiest and quickest solution is to replace the unit in question (assuming that it is not just a case of flat batteries). If your wall switch no longer works but the door opens fine when using the remote control, we can replace the switch and wires.

Avoiding Problems in the Future

When we call to fix your garage door, we will be more than happy to advise you how you can minimise the chances of the same fault, or any other faults, occurring in the future. It probably won’t be possible to avoid problems forever but you can drastically reduce the occurrence and severity of faults from which your door suffers with a little care and attention over the years. You may find it strange for a residential garage door repair business to help clients reduce the number of times they need to call in the future but we see helping our customers to avoid future problems as an integral part of our service.

Requesting a Quotation

If you have a door that is in a serious state of disrepair and you would like to know how much it would cost to fix and restore to its former glory, call our residential garage door repair team today and we will be happy to provide you with a detailed quotation. In some cases, we may need to visit your property and assess the damage in person whilst in others, detailed photographs may suffice. Our quotations are always accurate and fair, and we will never pressure you to act.