6 Tips for Securing Your Garage

securing your garage

A garage is typically one of the less secure portions of anyone’s property and hence becomes a frequent target for thieves.  Keeping your garage secure will not only lower the risk of property damage or theft, but it will also lower your risk of personal harm.  This article will cover some of the top tips for securing your garage.

Security System

Many people have security systems for their homes, but neglect to provide the same kind of protection for their garage.  As typically one of the less secure areas of one’s property, adding a security system to the garage will make the whole area safer.  Consider connecting the garage to your existing home security system or if installing a new system, plan to include the garage from the beginning.

Motion Detecting Lights

Keeping your property well lit protects against intruders.  However, you don’t necessarily need to keep your lights on 24 hours a day, especially if you install a motion-detecting lighting system.  Motion detecting lights will automatically switch on when triggered thus exposing any nefarious activity.  Motion detecting lights also have the added advantage of automatically lighting up the area while you go about your business.

Remote Control Security

There are two ways that thieves can use your garage door remote control against you.  The first method is simply to steal the remote control from your car and open the garage door when you’re not at home.  For this reason, it’s not a good idea to leave your remote control in your car.  Take it with you.  There are now keychain fobs available at most hardware or automotive stores that can replace the bulky remote control issue with your garage door.  The second method used by thieves is to employ a device to record the code used by your remote control and use it later to open the door themselves.  Garage door manufacturers have since responded to this security loophole by implementing rolling code technology meaning your remote control uses a different code every time it’s used.

Automatic Door Closers

Many thefts occur when a garage door is accidentally left open thereby exposing all its contents to the outside world.  You can prevent this type of oversight by investing in a timer that automatically closes the door after a predetermined lapse of time.  No longer will a slip of the mind because of a busy and erratic day create a security problem on your property.

Cover Your Windows

Covering your garage windows is a simple solution for preventing would-be thieves to see what kind of bounty resides inside.  Curtains, blinds, or window tinting is all that’s needed to stop prying eyes while still allowing natural sunlight to enter when you’re present.

Secure The DoorsMaking sure the garage door, the pedestrian door, and any door that connects the garage to the house is secured with a good locking system is paramount to home and garage security.  Ensuring these doors are fitted with secure locks and composed of sturdy materials will lower the chances that they can be compromised.

If you have any more questions about Securing Your Garage, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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