How Long Does a Garage Door Opener Last?

garage door opener

As on average, a garage door opener will last around 12 to 15 years.  And when talking about the garage door opener, we mean the mechanism that actually opens and closes the door, not the remote control or keypad you’re using to activate the mechanism.  Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Some garage door openers may last a lot longer whereas others may fail much earlier.

Regular inspection and maintenance can play a large role in the longevity of your garage door opener.  If parts become worn out or the door becomes unbalanced it will cause the garage door opener to work that much harder and increase the wear and tear on its assembly.  By being mildly proactive you can add years of life to your garage door opener.

When it comes to inspecting your garage door it doesn’t really need to take a long time.  Just keeping your eye on the various parts is a simple enough task as you go in and out of your garage.  Look for springs that are becoming unsprung or stretched. Cables that are beginning to fray or stretch should be replaced.  If you hear any abnormally loud sounds, check for their source to make sure all the parts are fitting together properly. Check that the rollers are sliding through their tracks with little resistance and that the tracks themselves aren’t bent or corroded.  Also, check the seals around the door and along the floor to ensure they haven’t become cracked or loose.

Garage Door Opener Test

There is a test you can do to ensure that your garage door is properly balanced and all the mechanisms are working correctly.  To check the balance of the door, start with the garage door closed. Disengage it from the opener by pulling the release cord.  Open the door manually about halfway and then hold it in place. Let go of the door. It should stay put. If it falls closed or opens completely you’ll need to hire a professional to adjust the springs or replace them outright to rebalance it.

If you’ve had your opener for more than 15 years you might want to start thinking about replacing it before it fails at an inopportune time.  You’ll likely end up with something quicker, quieter, and safer.

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