How to Determine if You Need Garage Door Repair in Vaughan

A garage door that doesn’t work correctly can be a safety hazard; especially if you have young children in your home. When the door isn’t working properly, it can also have a lasting impact on the garage door and take years off its life. The first step in having a safe door is to make the right choice. Some automatic garage doors stop when they hit something while others reverse direction. The latter is the best option to prevent serious accidents from occurring. The door should also be professionally installed to ensure it is working optimally. As soon as the door shows signs that it is no longer safe, you should request garage door repair in Vaughan to restore the door to a safe operating condition.

Testing Your Garage Door

To determine if your garage door is one that stops upon contact or if it reverses direction, lay a 2 x 4 in the center of the floor where the garage door comes down. Hit the button on the remote to lower the garage door. If the door does not reverse, adjustments may be made to the remote control. The same is true for doors that reverse direction before closing completely. If your garage door needs adjusting, call for garage door repair in Vaughan to get the door working optimally again.

There are a few problems that can result in the garage door not operating properly including:
  • Faulty/worn/broken door spring.
  • The track is out of alignment.
  • Obstruction of transmitter signals
  • Buildup of debris in tracks
  • Broken cables
  • The infrared eye is not aligned or is dirty.
  • The disconnect switch has become unhooked.
  • Dead transmitter batteries

Sometimes garage doors stop operating suddenly or they begin acting differently than they are designed to act. It is a good idea to call for garage door repair in Vaughan to have your door examined by a professional. In many cases, the repair will consist of replacing a single part that costs a fraction of that of a new garage door. Once the technician evaluates the condition of the door, they can provide you with the information you need to decide whether the door can be easily and safely repaired or if it is time to invest in a new garage door.

The Signs to look for:

Sometimes you must look a little closer at the door than simply observing whether it opens and closes properly to realize there is a problem. If there are broken or chipped areas in the door, they may be breaking apart. The same is true of loose or broken wires or cords. If the door shakes or hesitates when you open or close it or it rests unevenly in the down position, it may be time for a replacement. If the door is making unusual noises when you operate it, it is time to call for garage door repair in Vaughan and have your garage door evaluated for safety and effectiveness.

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