How to Paint a Garage Door

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Because your garage door is exposed to the elements year-round, it can be subjected to quite a bit of abuse.  Exposure to heat, cold, rain, wind, and snow can take its toll on a garage door’s paint job.  Painting your garage door can extend its life and upgrade the appearance of your entire property.  This article will go over the basic steps needed to paint your garage door.

Door Preparation

The door surface must be clean and dry for the paint to adhere properly.  Use an all-purpose cleaner to remove any dirt and dust and make sure the surface is cleaned.  Rinse it well with a garden hose and allow it to dry.  Once dried you can apply painter’s tape to cover all the areas you don’t want to be painted such as the handle, windows, trim, and rubber parts.  Lay a drop cloth to prevent paint splatters on your garage floor and driveway.


Remove any bits of loose paint or rust with a wire brush or sandpaper.  If necessary, you might want to use a chemical stripper or power tool to help with the paint and rust removal.  Apart from the fact that this is probably the most labor-intensive part of the job, it is also the most important.  For the new paint to adhere properly, the surface must be correctly stripped.


Primer is a liquid similar to paint that allows the paint to adhere to the surface better.  Make sure to choose the correct primer for the type of material your door is made of.  Like paint, primers can be applied using a paintbrush, a paint roller, or a paint sprayer.  Allow the primer to dry for a minimum of 12 hours.


Once again, make sure the paint is compatible with the material your garage door is made of.  It’s best to paint when weather conditions aren’t too extreme.  You do not want to be painting in the rain, high heat, extreme cold, in direct sunlight, or when it’s very windy.  Apply the paint with your tool of choice and after letting the paint dry, apply a second coat.

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