How to Tell if Your Garage door Spring is Broken

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Properly maintaining your garage door not only increases the security of your property but also ensures your safety.  Damaged garage doors can be very dangerous.  They’re much heavier than they look and having one fall down on you or your kids can have disastrous consequences.  Ensuring your garage door spring is in good working order is therefore important.  This article goes over how you can tell if your garage springs are broken.

What Do Garage Door Springs Do And Where Are They?

The springs of a garage door aid in lifting and closing.  The two main types of springs, torsion, and extension, are found in different places of the door.  Torsion springs, used mainly on larger doors, are located on the wall above the door, whereas the extension springs are on either side of the door or above the horizontal tracks.

What Are The Signs Of A Broken Spring?

If your garage door will not open, there might be a problem with your springs.  It could also be a number of other issues, but as springs play an essential role in the garage door opening, there is likely to be a problem with them as well.

If it looks like the springs are worn or damaged, they probably should be replaced.  It’s recommended that you inspect your garage door monthly for signs of wear and tear.  If there is a noticeable loss of tension in the springs or there are separated areas due to stretching, get a professional to take a look.

If you have an automatic garage door opener, check how easy it is to open the door manually.  After turning off the system, you should be able to open the door easily and it should stay open without falling back down on its own.

Check the safety reversing mechanism.  To do this, obstruct the door with your hand while it’s closing.  If the door doesn’t automatically reverse and open again, or if it has a tough time doing so, there may be a problem with your garage springs.

Maintenance And Prevention

Garage door springs typically last between 7 and 12 years.  You can ensure your springs last by lightly lubricating them twice a year.  If you notice problems with your springs, consult a professional.  As a vital component of garage doors, incorrectly replaced springs can be very dangerous.

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