Ideas For Organizing Your Garage

garage organization ideas

If you have spent years collecting mountains of belongings in your garage, then maybe now is the time to think about organizing your garage. You can turn your garage from a junk room into a space in your home that works and is clutter-free. Here are some ideas to help you make your garage a haven of organization.


Start by going through everything you have been hoarding in your garage. Put everything into three piles – one to keep, one to donate or sell, and one to dump. If it is broken, throw it away. If you have not needed it in the last year, get rid of it. You could have a yard sale to sell as much as possible, then donate the rest to goodwill. You need to be ruthless and only keep items that you will use or that you are particularly attached to. Anything else needs to go.

 Wall Storage

Make use of your walls and turn them into storage space. You can put some slat panels or pegboard on the walls to attach hooks and baskets. You can outline your tools and accessories on the pegboard to make sure that you put things back in their proper place. Using the walls for storage will help you keep your garage organized and keep your floor space free and clear.

 Personalized Storage

If every member of your family is known for leaving their stuff in the garage, then you could try finding an old set of school lockers in your local thrift shop. Paint each locker in everyone’s favorite color, and label them with their names. The locker will give everyone their own space to keep their outdoor clothes, sports equipment, and whatever else you don’t want to take up space in your home and garage.

Bike Storage

Bicycles can take up so much room in a garage, but there are ways to store them creatively while keeping floor space free. You could fix a vertical storage bike rack to the wall, or you could hang bikes from the ceiling. Measure out the space between the wheels, then fix hooks to the same distance. Hang the bike by its wheels on the ceiling and keep your floor clear for workspace or more organized storage space.


You can recycle old coffee containers, gum caddies, and tubs into organized storage boxes. Label the tubs and keep everything in its own container. That way it will be easy to find whatever you’re looking for whenever you need it. You can use coffee cans as miniature recycling containers for small items like batteries. Old gum caddies can be used for storing small items like nails and screws. You can sort them by size so that you can always find the right one for the task you are working on. If you need space for lumber, you could store it in a large bucket, or you could build a lumber cart that can be used to organize and store your wood by size or by type.

The worst part of organizing your garage is getting started. De-cluttering can seem like a huge task, and it might be hard to part with items that you have convinced yourself that you will use one day, but once you get started, it is good to keep the momentum going. When you have finished, you will have a garage that is organized, and everything will be exactly where you need it to be.

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