Never store these things in your garage

Never store these things in your garage

We all have things that we don’t need anymore, temporarily want to discard, need more space indoors or it’s something that needs shelter from the weather conditions.

The first thing that comes to mind when looking for space that you can use for storing will probably be your Garage. But although it might seem to be an easy solution to your storage problems, you must bear in mind that not everything is safe or will survive in your Garage. The reason why, all depends on what you intend to store in the first place, and what comes into play is the different weather conditions of Toronto, pests, or vermin.

If you want to avoid having issues with none of the above, then here are a few items to not store in your garage.

Propane tanks

This has nothing to do with weather conditions or our furry little friends. It is for simple household safety precautions. Whether you set up shop in your garage and you’re fixing something, or you just barbecued with your friends, you should never store a propane tank inside your garage. Often, the propane tank valve is not completely shut causing a leak, or it could be a different kind of leak, nevertheless, never put yourself in an explosive situation where you could endanger the safety of your household.


Food or canned food is also not a good idea, keeping it exposed to higher temperatures and humidity will eventually shorten its lifespan and can also attract vermin. Wine and paint could also cause you problems. Leaving the wine exposed to warmer weather and temperatures can destroy its composition rendering it undrinkable. Same with paint, some paints will separate and once again you will be left with something you can’t use. Cans of paint that are left on your cement garage floor will eventually rust all the way through.


A fridge is another thing to avoid, although we use it to cool down our food, in high-temperature seasons it will need to use more electric energy, making your electricity bill higher.

Sensitive clothes, photographs, electronic devices

are all prone to bad exposure from heat, cold, and humidity, so if you want to keep your favorite sweater or pictures from prom, a better place for them would be inside.


Paper products like cardboard boxes should be avoided too because they can attract different kinds of pests or mice into your garage. Important documents such as passports or any others should not be kept in a garage, the smallest leak and you will need new ones.

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture does not take kindly to temperature changes in your garage as it will expand or contract to make it easy to break.

When the time for more usable space comes and you think of your Garage being the best solution, you might want to think again. More storage space is something we all need in one point or another. But if you do not want to get your valuables damaged or your bills to go higher then never store these items in your Garage.

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