The 5 Most Common Garage Door Problems

Common Garage Door Problems

You probably do not give your garage door much thought. It works perfectly fine until it does not. There are some problems that are quite common, which have been identified below along with the common solutions to repair. These problems can sometimes be fixed easily by yourself or may need one of our garage door repair specialists. Here are 5 Common Garage Door Problems:

Opening And Closing With A Thud

There are some possible causes for why a door would open and close with a thud. It may be a broken spring, or one of the lifting cables could have broken, or be close to breaking. You will need to look at the springs and check if they have broken. Our garage door repair specialists will be able to replace any cables and springs to solve this problem.

Door Has Come Off The Hinges

If the door has come completely off, then you should call us for emergency repair service. Sometimes, this problem is minor and can be caused by the horizontal tracks being misaligned, the metal brackets becoming loose, or the bolts becoming unscrewed. If the rollers are still on the tracks, then you can make sure the bolts are tightened and that the brackets are in place. You could also make sure that the tracks are aligned properly and that everything is parallel.

When Closing, The Door Closes A Little, But Then Opens Up Again

In most cases, when the closing door goes down a little but then goes back up, it’s because the sensors are not properly aligned or the sensitivity on the remote opener isn’t set high enough. Increase the sensitivity on your remote, and check if that fixes the problem. If not, then you should check that the sensors are able to properly communicate. They communicate with an invisible beam, and any interruption is seen as someone or something is in the way of the door closing. Check the control panel to make sure that the sensors are properly aligned. There should be an indicator light that should stop blinking.

The Door Opens Sometimes, But Not Others

The most likely cause of this problem is that the batteries in the remote opener are dying. Replacing them should solve the problem. Although, in remotes that have been made before 1993, it is possible that one of your neighbors is using a device with the same wave frequency and the same transmission code. In this case, you should change your transmission code, which should mean that your door opens and closes properly.

Power Outage

If there has been a power outage, then your garage door will work as normal once the power comes back on. In the meantime, you will have to manually open the door, with the emergency cord.

These are The 5 most common garage door problems. If you have another problem with your garage door, then you should call our repair specialists to get a quote for fixing it. Depending on the severity of the problem, you might even consider replacing your door with a brand new one.

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