The Benefits Of Having A Backup Battery For Your Garage Door Opener

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Imagine It is a stormy rainy evening the lightning strike and everything blacks out. You were planning to go pick up dinner but guess what your car is in the garage and there is no power so you can’t open the garage door. If you would have only spent a little bit extra when getting your garage opener installed you would have purchased the Backup Battery and this would not have been an issue.

Here are some benefits of having a Backup Battery installed on your garage door opener:

Improved security

Having a Backup Battery plan is important for your door opener because of the improvement on the level of access to your garage whether the power is on or off. Garage door opener Backup Battery systems can still serve your garage door for about 2 days before they lose their charge. This depends on the weight of your door. Also, this means between 20 and 40 opens and closes. Your battery can still operate providing you security until you resolve the power problem.

Backup Battery is also recyclable

You don’t need to dump the battery after exhausting its power. Most backup batteries are recyclable and will help you to withstand the weather challenge power outage might cost. Whichever product you are buying whether it is Linear, Genie, or Liftmaster, your backup batteries are designed to expire at some time. Once the expiration reaches, you can always call the nearest store for the recycling process.

Time efficiency

Backup batteries are not what you are going to spend a week charge. They are just there to serve you and forestall unforeseen circumstances. One of the greatest benefits of having it is it only takes a day for it to charge. You don’t have to waste a whole week monitoring your backup battery for your door opener. Besides that, a fully charged back-up battery is designed to supply a garage door opener with 24 hours of standby power. During which time it can operate up to 20 full cycles

The Door Master is happy to make sure you will never get stuck. Call us today to have a backup battery installed in your garage door opener.

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