DIY Garage Door Sensor.

The garage door doesn’t close? What can you do? You can call The Door Master and we will be happy to help, or, you can take a look at this short DIY sensor video and just fix it yourself.

Many customers turn to us and say that their garage door opens but does not close. They want to know what could be causing this and whether they should hire a technician to repair their garage door.
We will be happy to help solve the problem by sending a technician! It’s probably a sensor problem. Here are some tools that can save you the wait for a technician and of course save you money.

At the bottom of the door, you can see a sensor connected to the garage door rail. One on the right and the other just opposite it on the left. One side is the sender and it will always be with an orange light bulb. On the other side is the receiver. It has a green light bulb that is supposed to be lit with a solid and continuously green light (It should not be flashing).
If the light bulb is flashing or completely off, the sensor probably moved out of balance a bit and therefore unable to receive the beam from the sender. in this case, your garage door will not close.
All you need to do is open the screw that holds the receiver sensor a bit and arrange it so that the bulb comes back on with solid and continuous green light. Once you have done that the door should close properly and return to full and proper function.

We will continue to upload videos of DIY tips and tricks so come back and don’t miss out.

Remember – we are here for you for all your garage door needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

See you in the next video!

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