Everything you need to know about Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Program.

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What is preventive maintenance? Do you really need it? when it’s the best time to do it? We are here to answer all these questions and a bit more!

A minute before we start explaining what preventive maintenance is, we must give you some background.

Garage doors and their purpose have changed a lot over the years. Garage doors used to be heavy and manually operated and their purpose was simply to be a way to enter and exit from storage or parking space. Today garage doors are much more than that. Today there are much lighter doors than before, they open via remote control or even through your smartphone. They serve as the main entrance to your house more than the front door. (You can read all about it on our blog: Garage Doors From Then Until Now).

Although garage doors have progressed over time they have also become more durable but still require maintenance every so often to maintain proper function and continuous smooth operation without any glitches and most importantly, to be sure that you and your loved ones are kept safe.

So, what is a preventive maintenance program?

When you order a preventive maintenance service, the technician that comes to your house or business checks that your garage door is functioning as it should, in terms of efficiency and safety. The purpose of the service is to keep the garage door function in excellent condition at any given time.

Unlike a repair that is performed only after a malfunction has occurred and will usually cost more than the preventive maintenance which as its name implies, will prevent the formation of the malfunction in the first place. In addition to the overall savings involved, we also avoid the (very unpleasant) element of surprise of an unexpected mishap that usually comes at the most inopportune moment and when we are most unprepared for it.

Do you really need it?

Your garage door is the largest and heaviest moving device in your home and your company. It is in constant use and therefore may lead to various malfunctions over time.

Performing a preventative maintenance check regularly can:

  • Save you unnecessary financial costs – because you prevented a malfunction. Fault prevention is often cheaper than repairing a fault. This can cause secondary damage that will also need to be repaired.
  • Save you time, because you were not caught unprepared when a fault appeared, and you had to wait for a technician at best or for parts that need to be ordered at worst.
  • Keep your loved ones / workers safe – it is true that it is just a door, but it is also a moving, large, and heavy device that if it does not work properly can be a real danger.
When it’s the best time to do it?

There is no particular time of year that garage door preventive maintenance should be done. You can do it anytime you want and when it is convenient for you. Usually, people prepare their garages when getting ready for the winter, and in the summer, they prepare the garage for the summer mounts.

How often do garage doors need maintenance?

There is no one answer to this question. Every home and every business has a different way and frequency of use. Even the changing climate from one place to another can affect how often your door needs to be checked out. In general, the recommendation for most garage doors is to perform preventative maintenance twice a year. However, we recommend talking to one of our expert technicians. They can tell you exactly what your specific door needs to stay at the maximum level of function.

What is normally included in our preventive maintenance ten-point check?

*Garage Door overall check

*Spring System



*Lifting cables



*Wall control panel



It is so easy to book an appointment for preventive maintenance. You can do it yourself right here on our website or call us and our consultants will be happy to book it for you!

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