Time for your fall preventative maintenance for your garage door

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It is this time of year again. The days are starting to get colder; the trees are changing colours to shades of red orange and yellow, the kids are back in school, and the holidays are just around the corner. This is the perfect time to prepare your garage door for the low temperatures ahead, with fall preventative maintenance. Welcome to the Fall.

Dirt and dust– You can’t avoid it, but it is necessary to clean and remove it occasionally. Dirt and dust can easily stick to the door rails or the door surface and can cause real damage. Seasonal preventative maintenance and cleaning can prevent malfunctions due to the large accumulation of dirt on the rail, cables, or the door itself.

Examining garage door parts – now that everything is nice and clean you are able to better see all parts of your garage door. Look at the rails, cables, sensors, springs, openers, and screws. Does everything look good? Nothing broken, cracked, bent, or torn? Is there any rust? If something looks less than perfect, you should consider calling a technician.

Check the Weather Stripping– Examine the frame and bottom of your garage door and make sure the weather stripping is completely intact. This is critical. Any small crack or gap in your weather stripping can make it basically useless. If there are any gaps, cracks, or loose pieces you should call a specialist to fix them.

Perform door safety checks. As we have talked about a lot in previous blogs, the garage door seems like something not dangerous and quite simple but that is not the case. Our garage door is electric, and very heavy in some cases, and can be very dangerous in the event of an unexpected malfunction.

– Listen to the door – does it creak or make noises you have not heard before?

– Check the sensors. Are they working properly? You can read more about sensors check on our blog.

– Does the garage door open and close as it should? Does it close all the way does it look balanced?

– Check the remote and the wall switch- do they all work properly?

Is your door insulated properly: The garage door not only protects the house from the entry of strangers and invaders. It also protects against the entry of cold weather into the living area of your house. We all can relate to those cold winter days when all we want is to stay in our warm home away from the cold outside. A garage door with good insulation can minimize and even prevent the entry of cold air from outside. Moreover, it can also save you unnecessary costs in increased heating of your home.

If you have further questions regarding fall preventative maintenance for garage doors or are unsure if you need a technician or if this is something you can solve on your own, do not hesitate. Call The Door Master today and our consultants will be happy to assist. No payment or commitment on your part.

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