The Door Master DIY- Disengage the garage door.

You got up in the morning. had your cup of coffee and got ready. Now it is time to leave the house. You go to your garage, get into your car, and try to open the garage door. It is at this very moment that one of the two terrible scenarios happens. The electricity has fallen, or the garage door is stuck and can’t open. This is the last thing you can wish for. You must get your vehicle out of the garage as soon as possible. The only thing you can do now is disengage the garage door.

One option is to call The Door Master and book a technician. Postpone all arrangements and appointments you have to a later hour or another day. Another option, you can also easily and quickly open the garage door manually, take the vehicle out of the garage and leave it until the end of the day when you have more time.

If you choose the second option, keep reading! We will guide you step by step on how to Disengage the garage door.

If you have a common and standard trolley opener you will see a red wire attached to it. All you need to do is pull it down towards the opener. As soon as you pull it towards the opener you will hear a clicking sound. Now the door can be easily opened manually, and you can take your car out of the garage.

A very important note: 

Please remember, now the door is not locked and anyone who wants can come and open it from the inside or outside. To re-engage the door and keep it closed and secure again, join our next video where we will show you step by step how to Re-engage the garage door opener.

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