Do’s and don’ts do While Fixing your Garage Door

Every homeowner will experience problems with their garage door at one point or another, and there are certain steps you need to take to fix this problem. It is very important to have an understanding of the steps you should and shouldn’t take when fixing a garage door, and the following guide will provide you with more information:


  • Inspect the high-tension springs on your overhead garage door. Conduct a quick visual inspection of this aspect to confirm whether or not they’re still intact. If these springs were to break, they can cause serious injury, so it’s something you need to pay attention to, and the good news is that these cables are easy to see. If you notice that they are missing or broken, you need to call a professional to fix this problem and should never attempt to fix this on your own unless you have the skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Keep a flashlight handy. Garages can be dark, and if you’re ever left without any light, you need to have access to a flashlight. Keep this item in a spot that is easy to find, and attach it to the wall near your door so that you can easily locate it in the dark.
  • Be mindful of your fingers and hands at all times. This is very important when repairing a garage door and especially important when lifting or lowering the door. You need to pay attention to the task at hand; otherwise, your fingers and hands can become seriously injured.
  • If you do decide to fix the garage door yourself, make sure you disconnect the door before starting any work.


  • Never move the sensor from your overhead garage door. Some people do this whenever clutter or strong sunshine interrupts the electric beam as this can prevent them from opening or closing their garage door, but this is very dangerous because the safety mechanism serves a very important purpose and is there for a reason. It needs to stay in place; otherwise, it will not be able to detect a child’s presence, for example, and this would be extremely dangerous.
  • Do not try to force your garage door to open if it’s difficult to move. The same is true if your garage door opens very quickly or if the rollers derail from their tracks because trying to quiet unusual sounds or forcing movement can lead to serious injuries, so it’s best to stop using the garage and to contact a professional.
  • Never adjust or repair hinges on your own. This type of repair or replacement should only be done by a professional technician because they have the knowledge and tools to do this safely and properly. Removing the wrong hinge or bracket can cause your garage door to fall, so do not attempt this on your own.

It’s always best to leave this task to a professional, and the experts at The Door Master can help! We will ensure your garage door is safe and secure, so do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information. Whether you are looking for garage door repairs near me, help with installation or an overhead door, we do it all, so if you are in Kitchener, Hamilton or anywhere in the GTA, contact us today!

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