How Can Upgrading My Garage Door Rollers Be Beneficial?

The rollers of your garage door are essential to your door’s operation. Not only do they hold your door in its tracks but they also largely determine how smoothly and quietly your door moves while opening and closing. If you have plastic rollers, it’s a great idea to have them upgraded to better quality ones. Plastic rollers are often used in garage door kits and even in new build homes since they are an inexpensive option. The problem with plastic rollers are they are cheap quality and do not last nearly as long as other types of rollers that are available.

All parts will eventually wear out on your garage door simply from normal wear and tear, this of course includes rollers. However it is important to keep in mind that cheap garage door parts such as plastic rollers will wear out much faster than higher quality parts. Plastic will damage, crack, chip and break and this will often occur within the first couple of years. This means that you will have to replace your rollers more frequently to keep your door operating optimally and you risk doing damage to your door if you fail to replace worn out rollers promptly.

What can happen when garage door rollers wear out or show signs of damage?

When rollers are worn out or damaged they can cause strain on other components of your garage door and opener leading to a number of other potential problems that would need to be repaired. If one or more of the rollers are worn out or broken, it will cause the other rollers to bear more of the garage door’s weight. This can cause the tracks to bend and can even cause your door to come off of its tracks which is a dangerous situation. Rollers that are not moving smoothly can slow the operation of your door, create more friction while in motion, and possibly end up causing opener damage such as worn out gears, sprockets and belts. For these reasons it is important to replace your garage door rollers as soon as you notice any signs of wear and tear or other damage.

So what are all the benefits of upgraded rollers?

  1. Longer roller lifespan. Nylon or steel rollers will last much longer than plastic. This helps to enable your garage door to function optimally for a longer period of time and lessens the likelihood of more frequent repairs. While plastic rollers will generally only last for a couple of years, nylon or steel can last between 7-15 years.
  2. Quieter and smoother movement. Higher quality rollers will allow your garage door to move more easily, with less friction. Nylon rollers will help keep the noise when opening and closing your door to a minimum. This can be especially important if you have a room above or next to the garage like a bedroom or home office.
  3. Reduced maintenance. Plastic rollers deteriorate quickly so replacing them will be necessary every couple of years. Having plastic rollers that wear out quickly also puts other parts of your door and opener at risk which can lead to other maintenance and repair costs.

What type of rollers should I invest in?

Nylon and steel rollers are both better options than plastic. Rollers with ball bearings are best and most nylon and steel rollers have ball bearings. Ball bearings are small metal balls that are located between the rod and the wheel. Their job is to reduce friction therefore extending the rollers lifespan and allowing smoother movement. Plastic rollers never come with ball bearings. Generally nylon is considered the best option. Although they are a bit more expensive than steel, and steel tends to have a slightly longer lifespan, nylon rollers are much quieter and so are a very popular choice.

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