How You Can Prevent A Garage Door Break-In

Your garage will never be 100% safe from break-ins however, there are several preventative measures you can take in order to deter thieves from targeting your home. Don’t simply assume you live in a safe area, burglars will scope out homes that look like easy break-ins. Garages are one of the most common access points for break-ins so it is important that you pay special attention to this area and make it as secure as possible.

Many expensive items such as tools, equipment and sports gear are often stored in garages which thieves will gain access to if they breach your garage door. They can also gain access inside your home from the garage if there is an entry there. To reduce your risk of break-ins, and to help protect your family and valuables, here is a list of things you can do.

  1. Never leave your garage door opener remote in your car

Although keeping your remote in your car is a very convenient location, it isn’t a good idea to store it there, especially if you park your car outside. Someone could break into your car, steal the remote and have a very simple way to get inside the garage.

  1. Install Lighting

Lights outside your garage door that have motion detectors can be very useful. There are many lights available that are affordable and easy to install. Although they don’t do anything to actually prevent someone from entering, they will increase the chance of a burger being seen and can encourage them to choose somewhere easier that is less risky for them.

  1. Upgrade your garage door opener

If you have an old garage door opener, it can be beneficial to install a newer model. Old door openers used limited frequencies which make the signal easier to copy, meaning that someone can reproduce the signal from your opener to easily open your door. New models use rotating frequencies making this much more difficult. Some newer models also have additional security features like motion sensor lights, camera and locks.

  1. Install a power lock

Power locks are a great security feature to prevent break-ins. There are some openers that have automatic locks built in or there are universal power locks that you can purchase separately.

  1. Set up an alarm system

Thieves will look for the easiest places to break-in to so if they notice an alarm system, it may be enough to get them to look for somewhere simpler. When setting up an alarm system in your home, you should include your garage. Many people do not include their garage in the security perimeter which leaves that area vulnerable.

  1. Disable the emergency release handle

Burglars have been known to use the emergency release handle inside the garage to open the door up. They do this by inserting a wire hanger into the garage and using it to pull the emergency release cord or handle. To prevent this, remove the cord and tie the handle with a zip tie.

  1. Choose frosted or tinted windows

Clear windows can allow people passing by to see inside your garage. Thieves often scope out a home before breaking in and if they can clearly see what valuables you have stored in your garage, they might target you. By choosing frosted or tinted windows in your garage door, you can prevent people from easily looking inside.

  1. Keep on top of garage door maintenance

Doors that look as if they are not in good condition can attract burglars. If they notice damage or weak looking spots, they may decide that they have found an easy point of entry.

The Door Master can help you with securing your garage door so you can rest assured that you’ve done everything possible to reduce your risk of having a garage break-in.  We can install more secure openers, locks, and carry out maintenance to ensure that your door is in good working condition with no problem areas that a potential thief may be on the lookout for. Trust The Door Master to keep your valuables and family safer.

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