Common Winter Garage Door Problems

For most people, their garage provides great protection and comfort in the winter.  When you have a garage you don’t have to go out into the cold to brush off the snow, scrape the windows and warm up your car.  However, winter is also the season that can cause the most problems with your garage door. A clean, warm car is not much use if you can’t get it out onto the road.  By keeping your eye on some of the main garage door issues that you might run into during the winter, you can keep everything running smoothly and ensure your garage is more of a pleasure than a pain.


Weatherstripping becomes more important as the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fly.  If things get too cold inside your garage, the motors of your garage door or car might not be able to function properly.  Missing weather stripping can also let snow inside that can lead to flooding. Make sure to inspect the weatherstripping regularly in the winter to identify any tears, rips, or cracking.  Repair any worn bits as soon as possible to keep the heat in and the snow out.

Lubrication Problems

Cold weather can cause grease to coagulate and build up along the garage door rollers and tracks. This build-up can increase the wear on the tracks and rollers and put extra pressure on the garage door opener motor.  Keep an eye out for grease buildup on the garage door components. If you see any signs of excess grease, remove it with a solvent and then lubricate the tracks and rollers with a silicon-based lubricant.  Be sparing in your application of lubricant as it will only promote grease build-up once again.

Metal Fatigue

Cold weather is hard on the metal components of your garage door.  Because the cold causes the metal to contract it adds extra pressure to the springs, tracks, nuts, and bolts.  The best way to counteract the effects of cold on the door’s metal parts is to keep them well lubricated. This will prevent them from seizing up and damaging other parts of your door.

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