The door Master- Black double garage door with yellow leaves

Time for your fall preventative maintenance for your garage door

It is this time of year again. The days are starting to get colder; the trees are changing colours to shades of red orange and yellow, the kids are back in school, and the holidays are just around the corner….

The Door Master DIY- Disengaging the garage door

The Door Master DIY- Disengage the garage door.

You got up in the morning. had your cup of coffee and got ready. Now it is time to leave the house. You go to your garage, get into your car, and try to open the garage door. It is…

The Door Master-preventive maintenance

Everything you need to know about Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Program.

What is preventive maintenance? Do you really need it? when it’s the best time to do it? We are here to answer all these questions and a bit more! A minute before we start explaining what preventive maintenance is, we…

The Door Master DIY video- garage door Sensor malfunctions and repair

DIY Garage Door Sensor.

The garage door doesn’t close? What can you do? You can call The Door Master and we will be happy to help, or, you can take a look at this short DIY sensor video and just fix it yourself. Many…

The Door Master: Garage door history- from then until now.

Garage door history- from then until now.

The first thing that comes to mind for most people when it comes to the garage, is car parking space. But it was not always like that. Let’s talk about garage door history. Did you know? An interesting fact you…

How to choose between a chain drive, belt drive, or side mount opener?

A Chain drive, Belt drive, or Side mount opener?

Your garage door opener is old, and you have decided it is time to get a new one. Sounds like an easy thing to do right? So, not as easy as you may think. There are number of different brands…

The Door Master: May is Garage door safety month.

May Is Garage Door Safety Month – Look, Listen, Learn & Remember

Garage doors can be seen as a non-dangerous part of your home. Your Garage keeps your family safe from unwanted intruders and from extreme weather conditions. All this is true but nevertheless, we need to keep in mind that this…

The Door Master: What should you consider when you come to choose your new garage door?

What should you consider when you come to choose your new garage door?

You have decided that it is time to order a new garage door. How exciting! Now you just need to decide which door you want. what material? What level of insulation do you need? How your new garage door is…

The 5 Most Common Garage Door Problems

You probably do not give your garage door much thought. It works perfectly fine, until it does not. There are some problems that are quite common, which have been identified below along with the common solutions to..

Garage Door cable

What are Garage Door Cables?

All residential garage doors have cables. A cable is made of strands of galvanized steel and works together with the springs to support the weight of the garage door. The garage door cables are determined by the weight of the…

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