The Door Master: Frozen Garage Door? Follow These Steps to Fix

Frozen Garage Door? Follow These Steps to Fix

You’ve finally gotten everyone out of bed, got them dressed, given them something to eat, and found everything they need to get on with their day.  You pile everyone into the car and hit the garage door opener button. The…

The Door Master: Common Winter Garage Door Problems

Common Winter Garage Door Problems

For most people, their garage provides great protection and comfort in the winter.  When you have a garage you don’t have to go out into the cold to brush off the snow, scrape the windows and warm up your car….

Automatic Garage Door Safety

Automatic Garage Door Safety

You might not initially consider it, but an automatic garage door can pose great danger.  Automatic garage doors are incredibly heavy and under considerable tension. Having a garage door fall on someone can cause serious injury or even death.  To prevent any…

The Door Master: 6 Tips for Securing Your Garage door

6 Tips for Securing Your Garage

A garage is typically one of the less secure portions of anyone’s property and hence becomes a frequent target for thieves.  Keeping your garage secure will not only lower the risk of property damage or theft, but it will also…

3 Garage Door Gadgets that Make Your Home Secure

If you’re a daily driver and park your vehicle in your attached garage, you’ll find that your garage becomes the front door to your house.  You may actually find yourself rarely walking into the house through your front door. For…

The Door Master: 4 Things You Should Never Keep in Your Garage

4 Things You Should Never Keep in Your Garage

Although garages are meant as an enclosed space in which to store your vehicles, there’s no doubt people store a whole lot of other things in their garage as well.  And there’s nothing wrong with that! However, there are certain…

The Door Master: 5 Fall Garage Cleaning Tips that will help you extend the lifespan of your door

5 Fall Garage Cleaning Tips

The changing of the seasons is a great time to get reorganized.  Fall is the perfect time to clean up your garage because it’s probably seen a lot of use throughout the summer and you’ll find it hard to motivate…

The door Master- garage door spring

5 Ways You Can Tell if Garage door Springs are Broken

Broken garage door springs will not only prevent your garage door opener from working properly, they can create an extremely dangerous situation.  There are many signs that your garage door springs are broken so it’s important to be able to…

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